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The 4 Top Affordable Smart Home Upgrades

Setting up a smart home doesn't have to be costly with Wiser. In fact, just a few reasonably-priced devices can revolutionise your home and the ways you interact with it. So, here’s our guide to affordable smart devices that you can get started with today!


As we discussed in our recent smart home gift ideas article, speakers are often a go-to first device for many households. This is for good reason, as popular smart speakers offer voice command functionality with services such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They allow you to ask questions or control other smart devices with just your voice, significantly improving convenience at home.

Smart speakers from Amazon such as the Echo Dot, or Google with products like the Nest Mini, can cost as little as £25 as they’re regularly on special offer from a variety of retailers, making them widely affordable.

Smart Plugs

These products allow you to turn pretty much any electrical object in your home into a smart device for a fraction of the cost. Wiser Smart Plugs allow you to control anything from slow cookers to TVs using a smartphone app, meaning that you can set up schedules and simplify numerous daily tasks. They can also be used for lamps, making them arguably more flexible than smart light bulbs.

Smart plugs can also be bought individually so that you can start one and expand your network later if you prefer!


Whilst at the higher-end price-wise, smart home security devices are proving to be great value for money. Ring video doorbells and smart cameras are becoming more affordable due in part to their popularity, offering households security from anywhere. Many of these products can also be linked to smart speakers, making them a good expansion option when integrating new devices.

Smart Heating

Smart central heating controls not only make setting the temperature in your home easier and more precise, they can also save energy and reduce long-term energy bills. This upgrade doesn’t have to be expensive with Wiser, either. Like our smart plugs, Smart Radiator Thermostats can be purchased individually, so you can expand your system at your own pace to achieve multi-zone heating control.

Smart home heating is a great place to start when building a smart home, and Wiser makes it more affordable than some other big names, by offering simple whole-house control with Wiser Room Thermostat kits, through to fully multi-zone heating using smart radiator thermostats.