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Smart Home Gifts for Christmas in 2020

As the smart home market continues to go from strength to strength, finding the devices that would make the best gifts becomes more difficult every Christmas. So, this year, we thought we’d compose our list of must-have smart technology. Whether you're new to these devices or a seasoned expert, here are some smart home products that anyone can benefit from:


Smart Heating Systems

The gift that benefits a whole household, a smart thermostat system provides convenient control over home heating, saves energy and money, and with voice control via Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, it’s great for showing off your high-tech home! Great for the eco conscious and for tech lovers, find out how smart thermostats work.


Smart Speakers

One of the most popular smart home products, smart speakers are always a go-to gift idea during the holidays. The popular Amazon Alexa speakers such as the Echo and Echo Dot, or Google Assistant speakers like the Google Home range are perfect for controlling many devices including Wiser.

Their voice command features make these smart speakers a perfect gift for anyone with a busy schedule. They allow the user to do anything from asking a question to organising a to-do list or even putting on a playlist with hands-free interaction.


(Easy-to-use) Smartphones

Over the years, smartphones have gone from being a luxury to a necessity. But when considering elderly family members, many of whom perhaps haven’t upgraded to them, easy-to-use smartphones are available. For Christmas 2020, our picks include the Doro 8080, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and Google Pixel XL as all of them offer user-friendly features at affordable prices.

The benefits of smartphones are plentiful, like easily controlling heating with the Wiser App without needing to manually adjust thermostats across the home, ideal for elderly relatives or those with limited mobility.


Around the Smart Home

There’s a smart home gift for every purpose this Christmas. Devices that centre on health and fitness, like the FitBit Aria 2 scale for example, are arguably a more creative gift option this year. One of the best value gifts you could buy someone this Christmas is a smart wrist band such as Huawei fitness trackers. These are perfect for that friend or family member that got into their exercise during lockdown!

A few other smart home areas to consider could include:

  • Security: Devices such as the Ring Video Doorbell 2.
  • Lights: Like the Google Smart Light Starter Kit or the Philips Wake-Up Light alarm clock.
  • Plugs: A Wiser smart plug allows you to make any product a smart device!

We hope this has given you some gift ideas, for more advice you can check out our top tips for a cosy festive season here. Happy Holidays from all of us here at Wiser!