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The Best Ways to Control Your Smart Thermostat

The Wiser smart heating system offers the opportunity to make significant savings on your energy use and annual energy bills – with a wide range of ways to control your heating system available, you’re sure to find one that seamlessly fits you and your family’s lifestyle. So, how do smart heating controls work with the Wiser system, and which options are best for you?

Wiser’s Smart Heating Control Features

1. The Wiser Home App

The Wiser Home App allows you to control your smart thermostat from your smartphone, from anywhere at any time, allowing you to set schedules and adjust your heating remotely. Don’t worry if your plans changes – with the Wiser Home App you have full control, right at your fingertips. With regularly updated and enhanced features, the Wiser Home App gives you more access, insights and control over your home heating than ever before.

2. Automated Scheduling

For those whose timetables tend to remain the same, it’s easy to create heating schedules using the Wiser Home app, allowing you to automate heating to suit your and your family’s lifestyle. For example, by programming the heating to switch on for an hour in the morning in bedrooms and bathrooms or to come on just before the kids get home from school, you can reduce energy use compared to leaving it on all day. With automated scheduling, you can make sure you only heat the areas you’re using, when you’re using them.

3. Voice Command Compatible

The Wiser system is voice command compatible, which means you can control your heating through a variety of smart speakers, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Once integrated, use voice commands to boost your smart thermostats or check the temperature in your home. Learn more about Alexa-controlled thermostats here, and Google Assistant-controlled thermostats here.

4. Manual Control

Wiser has been designed to be flexible to your needs, with smart heating control operated directly from the intuitive touch interface. The wireless smart room thermostat can be free-standing or mounted to a wall using the clip included in your kit. For basic temperature up/down control, or activating boost, you can easily adjust your heating manually via the smart room thermostat.

Optimise Your Smart Heating System

Since we’ve covered the smart heating controls you can use with your Wiser kit, let’s go one step further; optimising your Wiser thermostats and enhancing the convenience and efficiency of your smart heating system.

  1. Wiser Smart Modes can improve energy efficiency and help to reduce your energy bills. With smart features such as Away Mode and Eco Mode, you have the power to save up to 30% on your annual energy bills.
  2. Multi-Zone Heating provides room-to-room control, allowing you to create individual heating schedules for each room and change temperatures on demand, only heating the rooms you need, when you need them.
  3. Activate Geofencing Using IFTTT – Connect Wiser to your IFTTT account and download the Away Mode Applets to trigger Away Mode automatically when you and your enabled smartphone leave the geofencing boundary around your home, saving energy automatically.

Choosing your smart heating solution

If you’re looking to update your home heating system and take advantage of the wide range of smart heating controls Wiser offers, use the Wiser Product Selector to find the right kit for your home.