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The Best Ways To Control Your Smart Thermostat

Aside from Significant Energy Savings, the best part about a Smart Thermostat System from Wiser is the wide variety of heating control options that you get. Here are all the ways you can control your home’s smart heating with Wiser. 

The Control Options 

Smartphone: The Wiser Home App 

With the Wiser Home App, you can control your smart thermostats from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. This allows you to set schedules and adjust your heating settings remotely, making it the easiest method to control your system. Simply download our app from the App Store or Google Play and get started by Reading Our App Explainer Next

Automated: Smart Heating Scheduling 

Whilst the Wiser Home App is the easiest way to actively control your smart heating, scheduling is a great option for those who love automation. You can create heating schedules using the app, allowing you to set perfect conditions throughout your home and ensure you only heat the areas you’re using when you’re using them. Once you’ve chosen schedules, simply sit back and relax! 

Voice Commands: The ‘Alexa Controlled Thermostat’ 

If you want to boost your smart thermostats or check temperatures, you can also control Wiser through a variety of smart speakers. Wiser is voice command compatible, making it easier to integrate your heating system with other devices in your smart home. Our systems work with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, so for more information you can: 

Read our Guide on Alexa Controlled Thermostats 

Read our Guide on Google Assistant Controlled Thermostats 

Manual Input: Simple & Effective 

Our systems are designed to be flexible to your needs. That’s why our smart room thermostats can all be controlled through the intuitive interface. The Wiser thermostat is completely wireless and can be free-standing or wall-mounted using the included clip, always on hand for adjusting your smart heating. 

Optimising Your Smart Thermostats 

Once you’ve selected your ideal control method(s), you can optimise your Wiser thermostats with the following features: 

  • Smart Modes: these can improve energy efficiency and reduce your bills 

  • Multi-Zone Heating: provides room-to-room control for increased comfort 

  • UFH Compatibility: use our controller to add underfloor heating to your Wiser Home App 

  • IFTTT: activate geofencing for added smart home control 

For more details on our smart thermostat controls, check out the Key Features of the Wiser Heating System