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Do Radiators Need Smart Thermostats?

Smart Heating Systems can have many benefits when it comes to heating your home efficiently. But, if you already have radiators and thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), is it really worth upgrading to Smart TRVs? Alternatively, if you already have Smart Thermostat Controls, why do you need additional devices for radiators?


What does a Smart TRV add to your Heating System?

Smart room thermostats provide convenient central control over your home’s temperature. But adding smart TRVs to radiators brings even more comfort and efficiency. For instance, it provides the ability to set independent time and temperature schedules in each room, also known as Multi-Zone Heating. This optimises the temperature of each radiator to ensure the best comfort at the right times, whilst reducing energy wastage in rooms, not in use, improving overall efficiency.


Smart Radiator Thermostats: A Must-Have

Whilst traditional TRVs can also give households easier, more precise temperature control, smart radiator thermostats are proving essential for a number of reasons. 


Smart TRVs don’t need to be adjusted manually (unlike their traditional counterparts), with control also available via a Thermostat App and even Smart Speakers. With companies such as Wiser, this app control also enables you to access Insights & The Heat Report, so you can tweak your schedules for greater efficiency. This, alongside features like Smart Modes, makes it Easier to Save Money on Your Energy Bills


So, do Radiators need Smart Thermostats?

Yes! Overall, we believe that smart TRVs are the most energy-efficient way of getting the most out of your home’s central heating system. The accuracy and savings that you can make mean they’re also an excellent long-term investment.


In addition, Installing a Wiser Smart Radiator Thermostat couldn’t be easier. They simply mount onto existing radiator valves and pair quickly with any existing Wiser system, meaning no wiring is required and can be given an RF signal boost with Smart Plugs, useful for larger homes. Both of these are available in the Wiser range at cost-effective prices, so you can start with just one or two and upgrade your whole home from there, as more control means better savings.


You can check out more information on Our Smart TRVs Here.