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A Guide to Managing Smart Central Heating Remotely

Smart central heating systems come with a variety of benefits. The most notable of these is their smart functionality, which includes remote control via a heating app. These allow you to schedule your heating from your phone, adding additional convenience and making it even easier to run an energy-efficient home.


But knowing where to begin with, and how to maximise the use of, smart central heating controls sometimes isn’t easy, so here’s our guide to remote thermostats:


What are the ‘smart’ features of smart central heating? How do I use them?

Smart functionality may seem like a broad concept. But with Smart Thermostats by Wiser, these features can be divided easily for a convenient setup process:

  • App Control – This enables you to adjust your home’s heating from your phone. It can also be used to access energy insights and other smart features. To set it up, simply download the Wiser App from the App Store or Google Play and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Integration – With remote central heating control, you can link your room thermostats with other smart devices. This includes voice command integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, as well as connection with other apps using IFTTT. These can all be activated by downloading the apps of the above devices and using the help provided on our smart home support page.
  • Smart modes – Wiser’s smart heating controls also include pre-set modes that can help you save energy with ease. These include Eco Mode for efficiency, Away Mode for when the home is empty, and Comfort Mode when warmth at exactly the scheduled time is the priority..


Our tips for remote central heating control

Now that the Wiser smart features are covered, managing room thermostats remotely can be straightforward. Our advice is to:

  • Utilise Wiser’s smart modes – Don’t feel torn between comfort and efficiency. Enabling both Comfort and Eco Mode gives you the best of both worlds, and Away Mode can be activated from anywhere to instantly start saving energy while you’re away.
  • Create schedules – Think of your daily routine and look for when you want your central heating activated and what temperatures suit your lifestyle.
  • Set up Open Window Detection – This mode can stop energy wastage in its tracks, and gives you extra reassurance when you’re not at home.
  • Relax – Remote central heating control from Wiser is designed to be convenient and comfortable. This means managing your smart heating however and wherever you want. Save energy without the worry, with Wiser!