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How to Make an Old Home More Energy-efficient

Older homes can be some of the most unique and beautiful properties on the market, but they can require more maintenance than newer buildings. Problems can include long-overdue repairs, structural damage and energy wastage. If you’re in need of a Summer DIY Project, why not discover how you can make an old home more energy efficient?


Lowering the cost of heating

When it comes to improving energy efficiency, the first place to look at is a home’s heating system. Some areas to focus on to start making Energy Savings in an older home include:


Identifying Areas of Heat Loss

Older homes often have areas more exposed to outdoor temperatures that might be drastically increasing the strain placed on your heating system. Oversized vents, leaky windows, and brick or wall damage can  easily be overlooked when buying an old home. Identifying these problems and plugging gaps where possible is a good place to start.



Not all sources of heat loss are easy to identify. Many older homes lose heat energy due to poor or non-existent cavity walls and loft insulation, both now common in modern properties. This means installing insulation could be hugely effective, particularly in the winter months, for bridging the energy efficiency gap. There are government schemes that help homeowners pay some of the costs of fitting insulation.


New Windows

A significant number of old homes still have original single-pane windows; whilst a period feature it’s a major problem to energy efficiency. With double and triple glazed options now available, single glazed windows have long become outdated. Upgrading this part of your property is likely to significantly improve efficiency and comfort.


Smart Heating

Smart Heating Systems give homeowners greater control of their energy usage, allowing users to schedule their heating with Multi-Room Functionality. Some smart thermostats also provide Heat Reports via a Mobile App so it’s easier to spot areas of energy wastage (ideal for older homes). This is how smart technology can improve energy efficiency and lower heating bills. 


Improving energy consumption

Beyond addressing your older home’s heating efficiency, there are several options available for lowering energy consumption more broadly. These could include the following:

  • Installing solar panels, reducing your consumption from the grid

  • Purchasing additional smart home devices (such as smart lighting or Smart Plugs)

  • Making the most of natural light in your home

  • Reducing gas usage

  • Applying for the Green Homes Grant Scheme

Whatever the priority is for improving efficiency in your older home, Wiser’s smart heating systems are easy to install and can provide significant Energy Savings. Find Your Ideal Solution Here, or Contact Us for more information!