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How the Weather Affects Smart Heating Systems

The weather can significantly affect how energy efficient we are when using our Smart Heating Systems. External conditions can seriously impact performance when it comes to heating your home, meaning smart systems have to adapt to these changes. Here's how smart heating can prevent wastage, and create Energy Savings throughout the year:


Preventing Wastage

All types of weather can lead to increased energy wastage from smart heating systems. That’s why Wiser thermostats combine weather compensation and optimum stop features within our Smart Modes. This ensures that you never waste energy overheating your home during colder summer days, and learns how the weather outside affects temperatures indoors. 


Speaking of summer, we tend to lose a lot of our energy from leaving windows and doors open in the heat. That’s why the Wiser App comes equipped with Open Window Detection. This is a mode that detects draughts in your home. If it detects an open window or external door, your smart heating system automatically reduces the heating exclusively in the room in question. 


In addition, Eco Mode and Comfort Mode (when both are enabled) learn about your home’s thermal properties and use local weather data to ensure the heating comes on later with warmer days, and earlier when it’s cooler. This means that your home is always being heated efficiently whilst maintaining comfort, so you don’t have to worry when the weather changes!


Greater efficiency

Whether you’re considering a Summer Smart Heating Upgrade or you’re Winter-Proofing the House, Wiser systems can provide greater energy efficiency. This is essential given that weather and changing seasons can greatly impact how susceptible to wastage our homes are, regardless of age or design. 


We believe the purpose of Smart Home Products is to be as convenient and flexible as possible. That’s why our weather compensation settings are easy to implement and convenient to check, with options such as The Heat Report giving you a full overview of your system. So, with Wiser, you’re prepared for whatever the elements bring!

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