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New Year's Resolutions with Smart Thermostats

New Year’s resolutions are an opportunity to make significant lifestyle changes, perhaps to benefit your well-being, your bank balance or even the environment, but did you know you could achieve all three using smart thermostats? Sustainability takes centre stage this year, and a smart thermostat could benefit your whole household and help you go greener.

Even with 2020 in full swing, it’s never too late for a few resolutions to make your smart heating system even more effective:

1. If you don’t yet have smart thermostats, it’s time to join the revolution!

In building the home of the future, experts agree smart thermostats are an essential piece of the puzzle when maximising a home’s energy efficiency, and smart heating systems certainly aren’t just for new-build eco homes; buildings old and new can harness the power of smart heating with a few simple upgrades. Check out our smart thermostats for more information.

Smart thermostats are a great start and installing smart radiator thermostats will give you control of your heating on a room-by-room basis. Take a look at our smart radiator thermostats.

2. Improve your scheduling

As time marches on, so does the way that you use each space in your home. Try reviewing your current heating schedules this 2020 and adjust them to suit your lifestyle when it changes, your smart thermostat will then ensure complete comfort in your home while you’re in and reduce energy wastage when you’re not. Smart radiator thermostats go even further by allowing you to fine-tune schedules room-by-room, reducing energy use in rooms you use less often.

3. Utilise Wiser’s latest features

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to become more tech-savvy, a smart thermostat might be perfect for you! Whether it’s integration with IFTTT to turn your heating off when you’re away from home, or setting up voice command compatibility with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, there’s lots of tech-related opportunities for you with Wiser. If you’d like to get more out of the Wiser App, our new Heat Report feature provides detailed insights into your system and heating use, helping you make the most of your smart thermostats.  

4. Aim to go greener (and save money)

Wiser’s Insights page helps you develop a greater understanding about your heating system and ways in which you can save energy, ideal for the environmentally-conscious in a key year for sustainability. Greater control with a smart heating system is the perfect launch pad for this New Year’s resolution, and utilising all of Wiser’s eco-friendly features will help your household become more sustainable. More control with a smart thermostat means more comfort, more savings, with less wastage.


New Year, New Smart Thermostat

Kick-start your new year’s resolution and join the revolution today! Contact Wiser to find out more about our smart thermostats and take full control of your heating from anywhere in the world.