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Propflo Joins Wiser’s List of Partners to Offer Discounted Smart Heating Controls to its Customers

Who are Propflo?

Propflo is an award-winning data-driven AI platform that supports lenders and property businesses to comply with energy efficiency regulations, meet their climate targets, and then support their customers in their property ownership journey, with the wider aim to help households reduce their bills and propel the UK towards net zero emissions.

Here at Drayton by Schneider Electric – the brand behind Wiser and a market leader in heating controls – we're proud to have partnered with Propflo to offer its smart thermostat and smart radiator controls through Propflo’s GreenVal retrofit tool. This tool is used by several forward-thinking mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers and estate agents to help their customers make energy efficiency improvements to their homes.

What makes Wiser a great fit for Propflo’s GreenVal tool?

By enabling smart scheduling of heating via an app for individual rooms, a Wiser system can save up to 30% on heating bills1 and significantly increase comfort and convenience. Heating controls are a recommended improvement that can increase the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a property.


What are Propflo offering their customers?

As part of an Innovate UK-funded Propflo project, homeowners can get a discounted Wiser starter kit and bulk discounts on improvements like solar panels and heat pumps. If you’re interested in getting involved in the project and getting a free Wiser thermostat kit, get in touch at with the subject ‘Net zero heat’.


"Drayton is a leader in smart home heating controls so we’re pleased to offer Wiser through our GreenVal retrofit tool. Behaviour plays a huge role in making a home more energy efficient and smart heating controls for individual rooms are a great way to optimise your heating.”

– Luke Loveridge, Founder and CEO, Propflo


"Propflo has an innovative end-to-end retrofit solution for mortgage lenders, brokers and agents to help their customers become more energy efficient. The Wiser smart thermostat and wider smart ecosystem will be a great addition to this system and we look forward to working closely with Propflo.”

– Mark Murton, Head of Partnering – Schneider Electric


Find out more about Propflo by visiting the website.