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Six Considerations Before Buying a Smart Thermostat

Buying and installing a smart thermostat can save money on your heating and make your home more energy-efficient. However, before you upgrade your heating controls, there are a few things that you should think about. Here are our six considerations that you should make before installation:


1. Know the benefits

The Benefits of Having a Smart Thermostat have often been discussed in this blog. But it’s certainly worth being aware of the main ones before upgrading to a smart heating system. 


Not only do you get more control and Intuitive Smart Modes that make setting your heating preferences easier, you can also make Significant Energy Savings. In the long run, buying a smart thermostat can be the biggest step you take to reduce your bills and energy consumption, which have Environmental Benefits as well! 


2. Think Multi-zone

A ‘zone’ is an area that can have its temperature altered and controlled by a single thermostat. And, with smart heating systems, you can program a unique temperature in multiple zones to get Multi-Zone Control. Scheduling individual rooms to have the heating switched on or off at different times is a huge aspect of smart thermostats, so it’s good to consider this feature when looking at a smart heating upgrade.


3. Choosing a Smart Heating System

Every home is different, and therefore your household may be better suited to a specific smart heating solution. Before purchasing your smart thermostats, you should check a variety of things, such as your boiler type, its fuel source, whether you want multi-zone control, and so on.


Thankfully, Wiser makes this process easy. Not only do we offer smart heating kits for different homes, we also have a Product Selector that makes it easy to find your ideal solution!


4. Smart Thermostat Installation

In some cases, where your existing controller fits to a standard UK wallplate, installing a smart thermostat like Wiser is as easy as unclipping an old controller and clipping on the new hub. In other cases that need a little more work and to ensure your smart heating upgrade goes smoothly, we recommend hiring a professional installer. This makes the setup of your new system faster and incredibly straightforward. We even have an option for you to Find A Wiser Installer Here.


5. Heating Control On-the-go

If you’ve looked into the benefits of smart heating, you may already be aware that most systems allow for temperature control remotely via a smart device. This could be through a smart speaker, such as Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, or it could be from anywhere in the world with a smartphone!


Most smart thermostat companies enable this by setting up their own Mobile App. Discover more on how you can control your heating remotely with your phone.


6. You’ll learn more about your home’s heating

Finally, the feedback provided by smart thermostats and their respective apps means you’ll be able to look even deeper into where energy is used in your home, and how best to reduce energy bills. With services like our Insights & Heat Report, you may see areas of wastage in your home that you weren’t even aware of, or see that it doesn’t take as long as you thought to heat a given room. 


Data like this empowers homeowners to adjust schedules and temperature controls and maximise long-term savings, and again this should be on your mind before installation.

For more information, you can check out our Smart Thermostat Product Page Here, or Contact Us for any help or advice!