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Why you should upgrade from Thermostatic Radiator Valves to Smart Radiator Thermostats

Standard thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) can improve comfort and save energy by allowing you to adjust the radiator temperature. This is usually a manual system that allows changing the heating levels by a scale of 0-5. But what if you could have more control over your radiators, such as being able to set specific temperatures in different rooms? That’s where Smart Radiator Thermostats come in!


How you can benefit from Smart Radiator Thermostats

Our award-winning smart radiator thermostats (also known as smart TRVs) give you far more control over your home’s heating. You can schedule temperatures room-to-room with Multi-Zone Control, and improve energy efficiency using Wiser’s Smart Modes. In addition, you also receive feedback about your system’s performance with Insights & The Heat Report to help you reduce energy wastage further. 


Another advantage of choosing our smart TRVs is the Ease of Installation. Once the Wiser Heat HubR is connected with your Wi-Fi router, you’ll have remote access to each zone of your heating system. Your smartphone or tablet device can connect to your smart heating system from anywhere in the world, via the Wiser Heat App.


Increased Convenience, Control, and Comfort

The combination of the smart TRVs and our thermostat app provides convenience and full control of your home’s heating and energy usage. This ultimately plays a key role in reducing your household bills whilst keeping everyone in the household comfortable whatever their needs.


The innovative smart radiator thermostats from Wiser have a twist-top feature that allows you to boost or reduce temperatures manually or remotely. For peace of mind, you can activate the device lock for each smart radiator thermostat from the app. This prevents any tampering, unintentional temperature adjustments and ensures your smart heating system stays safe and child-friendly. 


Ease of Entry with Smart TRVs

Like with our Room Thermostats and Wiser Smart Plug Devices, you can start with one smart TRV and expand from there. Try a small number to get used to multi-zone control and see the benefits it can bring to your smart heating system, then add up to 32 per system. On top of this, our smart radiator thermostats fit almost any existing valves and are battery-operated for wireless control. A Wiser smart heating upgrade couldn’t be simpler! 


Overall, standard TRVs are a great way to control your heating and save energy. Modern smart radiator thermostats, however, are unrivalled in what they can offer you in terms of control, comfort, convenience and Energy Savings. In all, your home will be Better off with Smart Radiator Thermostats.

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