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What Makes ‘Smart’ Heating Controls Smart?

Up and down the country, the number of smart devices in our homes is constantly increasing, and with Wiser, you can upgrade your home’s heating system with Smart Room Thermostats and Smart Radiator Thermostats. Unsure what gives smart heating controls their namesake? What are the features that make a product truly ‘smart’, and what are the benefits?


What is a Smart Device?

Broadly speaking, a smart device can be almost anything. But what connects all of them is the ability to connect, share, and interact with a user or users as well as other smart products (primarily smartphones). They usually offer simple commands and flexible settings so that they can provide greater convenience to users. Moreover, their ability to integrate with other systems allows users to build Smart Home Systems.


What counts as Smart Heating Control?

When it comes to central heating systems, smart devices can be revolutionary. Whilst a traditional boiler thermostat can be manually adjusted, switched on or off, and usually features some sort of timer setting. Smart heating controls are more infinitely powerful in terms of control; You can monitor, adjust, set schedules and activate innovative heating modes in individual rooms with Multi-Zone Heating. The allows control anytime, anywhere, whilst other smart device and voice command integration is also available.


What are the main benefits of this?

Our Smart Heating Beginner's Guide is the best place to see all the benefits of Wiser’s smart heating controls, benefits including:

  • Energy Efficiency: With increased control over your heating, less is energy wasted on certain rooms.
  • Money-Saving: Reducing your wastage can lead to significantly lower energy bills annually.
  • Greener Heating: Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing energy use.
  • Comfort & Convenience: More control means it’s easier to find your ideal temperature and adjust your heating settings.
  • Compatibility: Smart Heating can be integrated with smart devices like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, so your system’s more accessible whilst remaining completely secure.

You can find more information, including FAQs and our Installer Locator on Our Support Page.