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Are Smart Radiator Thermostats Worth It?

Wiser’s Smart Radiator Thermostats (also known as Smart TRVs) are an easy and affordable way to upgrade your heating controls. They are more convenient and simpler to adjust than traditional TRVs and can lead to significant reductions on household energy bills in the long run. But today, we’re answering a few simple questions: are they worth the initial investment and why?


What are Smart Radiator Thermostats and how do they work?

Smart Radiator Thermostats are similar in appearance to traditional TRVs. Both are installed simply by attaching them to an existing radiator valve. Smart TRVs also work like regular TRVs by controlling the hot water flow into radiators and use sensor-based systems to maintain a pre-set temperature.


Where smart radiator thermostats differ is in their flexibility. They’ll let you set unique schedules that can be changed from anywhere using the Wiser App, and manual boosting with a quick turn of the cap.


How can they save you energy?

Whilst the convenience offered by these smart features is a key advantage of smart radiator thermostats, a significant benefit of Wiser is energy efficiency. With radiator thermostats, our smart heating systems could save 18% on your heat energy usage and considerable energy bill reductions. A 2014 Ofgem report suggested Smart TRVs could reduce an annual energy bill by nearly 30%, primarily through:


Multi-Zone Heating

Installing smart radiator thermostats enables Room-to-Room Heating Control, a vital wave to save money with smart heating because it allows unique schedules for different rooms depending on usage. An unused guest room can remain cooler than the rest of the house until needed, whilst the living room can be set to only have the heating on during the evenings. It essentially stops the majority of wasted energy that traditional TRVs can’t avoid by providing easier control via the app as opposed to manual only.


Are they worth it?

To summarise, the long-term energy savings that Smart Radiator Thermostats can achieve easily makes them worth the initial investment, but the key is to set up your home system effectively. Because they can be bought individually, you should start with a couple in the rooms where you’re most concerned about energy wastage, then expand your system from there!


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