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Be Wiser In 2019: How The Wiser Heating Control App Can Save You Money

The Wiser heating control app provides total control and visibility of your heating, helping you monitor your heating usage to ensure you don’t waste a penny - find out about its smart features.

Whether you’re at home, at work or even on holiday, with the Wiser Heating Control App you’re just a few smartphone taps away from ensure your home is at the ideal temperature for those at home or those on their way home.


Control your heating through the Wiser Heating Control App

Through the Wiser App, controlling your heating from your phone couldn’t be easier, the smart features allow you to adjust your home’s heating in different ways with the following modes and controls:

  • Boost – Easily boost the temperature of your household for a selected time.
  • Away Mode – Away for a while? Select the Away Mode to make sure you’re not paying for heating you’re not using.
  • Schedule Changes – If your plans change, simply change your heating schedule wherever you are.
  • Multi-Zone Control – Multi-Zone control allows you to set different temperatures and schedules for each room in your household.
  • IFTTT – IFTTT allows you to link your Wiser app to other smart apps to give you even greater control of your heating.


How controlling your heating from your phone will benefit you

Have total control over your heating usage wherever you are by being connected to the internet on your smartphone. More control means more energy saved and most importantly more money saved. Additionally, Wiser is compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control of your heating.

Controlling your heating really couldn’t be any easier. 


Learn more about the Wiser Heating Control App here.