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Devices to Have Alongside a Smart Home Thermostat

Smart devices can be hugely beneficial when it comes to creating our ideal home environment. The inter-connected services that they provide through an internet connection help to simplify daily routines and can even Save you Money over time. 

Because of this, we’ve designed our Smart Home Thermostats to connect with other devices. Here are our picks for smart home products to have alongside your Wiser room thermostats.


How smart home thermostats work with other devices

Firstly, our smart home thermostats communicate with your other smart products to improve comfort and convenience. These are two of Wiser’s core principles when it comes to our energy-efficient, smart heating systems. In addition, the Smart Modes have been designed to make saving time and money easier.


The best smart home devices

Smart Speakers

These usually act as the hub device in many smart home systems. This is because of their ability to perform actions through voice commands, and these can even be used to control other devices. For instance, Amazon Alexa, as well as Google Assistant smart speakers, can be used to control your heating. With Wiser, you can use voice commands to check temperatures in each zone, boost and reduce the heating, and turn hot water on and off..


Smart Plugs

Just like adaptors, smart plugs are placed into a power socket with another appliance then plugged into them. This transforms any electrical product into a smart device. They act as a Cost-Effective Smart Home option, providing features such as remote control and scheduling for a range of appliances. Discover Wiser’s Smart Plugs Here for more information. 


Smartphone Apps

Not only do mobile apps enable a multitude of smart home features, but they can also provide additional control. Software such as the Wiser Home App enables straightforward access to your smart home thermostats, whilst IFTTT can be used to integrate products into one ecosystem. This provides added convenience and can even act as an Eco-Friendly Smart Home Upgrade.


Smart Lights

Unlike the other products that we’ve mentioned here, these don’t connect directly with Wiser’s smart heating system at present. But smart lights are an excellent addition to any home due to their variety of uses. Similar to a smart home thermostat, they can help improve energy efficiency, but they can also be used for security. This means they are a Smart Home Device to use Daily, which perfectly complements the features of Wiser.

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