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Be Wiser in 2023: How the Wiser Heating Control App Can Save You Money

Whether you're at home, work, or even on holiday, the Wiser heating control app puts the power of temperature control right at your fingertips. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can ensure that your home is always at the ideal temperature, whether you're already at home or on your way back after a long day.

Wiser’s heating control app makes it incredibly easy to adjust your home’s temperature using its integrated smart features, all at the tap of a button, allowing you to control heating from your phone.

Wiser’s Heating Control App

Wiser’s app for heating control, Wiser Home, easily integrates with your smart home setup to allow you to control your home’s smart functionality.

From switching on your heating to checking your energy usage or even personalising your routine by creating custom moments, Wiser Home is the heating control app that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Heating Control App Modes

Controlling your heating from your phone couldn’t be easier; the smart features allow you to adjust your home’s heating in different ways with these handy modes and controls:

Boost: Does exactly what it says on the tin — quickly raise the temperature in your home via your heating control app for a selected period, allowing you to warm it up fast when the temperature becomes a little nippy.

Away Mode: If you're away for an extended period, enable Away Mode to avoid paying for unused heating.

Eco Mode: By learning about your home's unique characteristics, Wiser determines the most efficient times to turn off the heating via your heating control app.

Heat Report: View temperature records for each zone over time to identify opportunities for energy savings.

Schedule Changes: Sometimes, last-minute plans are the best, and if something crops up, you can adjust your heating schedule from anywhere via the heating control app on your phone.

Multi-zone Control: Set different temperatures and schedules for each room in your home.

IFTTT Integration: Connect the Wiser app to other smart apps through IFTTT for enhanced heating control – you have the power at your fingertips, and it’s never been easier to use your app for heating control.

Open Window Detection: Enable this feature to have Wiser automatically turn off heating in a zone when it detects a draught, preventing energy wastage. There is no point having your heating on if the heat escapes via an open window, and your app for heating control will stop this from happening!

The Benefits of Controlling Your Heating From Your Phone

Controlling heating from your phone offers several benefits. With the Wiser app, you have complete control over your heating usage at any time, wherever you have an internet connection on your smartphone. This level of control leads to significant energy and cost savings.

To make using your heating control app even easier, Wiser is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control your heating with voice commands.

Achieve comfort and savings effortlessly by switching to the Wiser heating control app. To get started with the Wiser heating control app and our range of smart home heating products, find the right kit using our product selector here.