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How to Integrate a Heat Pump into an Existing Smart Heating System

Changing your heating system may seem quite daunting; however, heat pump integration is nowhere near as complicated as it may sound.  

We’re breaking down how to integrate a heat pump into an existing heating system and what this means for the future of home heating. 

Heat only the rooms you need 

 One of the biggest energy wastes is when people heat a whole house but only use certain rooms. Your current system may heat a radiator in every room, yet you only sit in your living room, cook in your kitchen, use the bathroom, and then go to bed. 

With heat pump integration, you can connect an air-handling unit to heat the rooms you use the most without wasting energy in unused rooms.  

Create a hybrid home heating system 

If you want to stick to a selected temperature, integrating heat pumps into a hybrid system is an excellent option, as it will automatically switch between systems based on the temperature you want and your pump's efficiency.   

If it gets too cold, your existing system will kick in when necessary and top up the heat. In short, you can stay warm and comfortable in your home while reducing your carbon footprint where possible. 


Use your existing ducts  

Heat pumps can integrate into your existing system without ducts, but if you have ductwork in place, your heat pump can connect to them and push the heat through your home.  

How can I control my heat pump?  

We are proud to partner with one of the biggest household names in technology, Panasonic,  

making your transition to smart heating even easier. By combining the best heat pump in the  

industry with market-leading smart heating controls, you are always in control whilst joining us on the Net Zero journey.  

Heating controls with features such as Away Mode and room-by-room control mean you only use the system when needed. You don’t even have to be at home to monitor your system – fire it up remotely via your phone, so your home is toasty warm by the time you get there.   


A fully integrated cloud-to-cloud solution means you can keep tabs on your heat pumps and use the insights to enhance your sustainability based on energy use and habits.  

Stress-free smart heating and heat pump integration are in your hands – get started on integrating heat pumps into your existing heating system and take control of your home heating with Wiser