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Remote Smart Home Devices To Leave On When Travelling

Many people get anxious about their property, meaning it's worth automating some of your Smart Home Devices for when you're away. Smart products can provide great peace of mind when travelling, so here are our top picks for what you should leave on.


1. A Video Doorbell

Smart doorbell systems allow you to communicate with visitors to your home from anywhere. It’s a no-brainer to keep this activated whilst you’re out. Not only will it save you time as you won’t need to catch up on missed deliveries or messages, but it can also bolster your home’s security as well.


2. Smart Lights

Expanding on home security, smart lights can be scheduled to turn on and off at a time of your choosing. Having a few lights on at night, indoor or outdoor, is an effective deterrent against would-be burglars. Connecting lamps to Smart Plugs also allows you to schedule them to have the same effect.


3. Smart Speakers

Amazon Alexa speakers can be handy tools when it comes to keeping an empty home safe. Giving Alexa the trigger “I’m leaving” before you depart allows some speakers to listen for unusual sounds and send them to you as recordings. This can make you aware of any issues and if need be ask, friends or neighbours to check up on your property. Having music play from your speakers also gives the illusion of someone being home, which is also useful for...


4. Devices for Pets

Worried your cat or dog might be bored during the day while you’re gone? Devices such as pet cameras allow you to check up on them remotely. In addition, new products like the Petcube Bites range even let you dispense treats for your furry friends at times of your choosing, brightening up their day!


5. Smart Heating Systems

A smart heating system can be left on whilst you’re on holiday and set to Away Mode, to keep temperatures at a low level to protect pipes from damage and freezing during the colder months. 


A Wiser Smart Thermostat with our Smart TRVs provides a high level of control when you’re away. You can activate thermostats remotely to heat up rooms before you return, and activate Smart Modes to Save Energy and Money whilst leaving your heating on. It can all be controlled easily through our Thermostat App, so you know what’s going on with your home’s heating system anytime, anywhere.


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