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What is an Underfloor Heating Controller?

We’re happy to introduce our latest product range, Wiser’s Underfloor Heating (UFH) Devices, to our family. For those of us with homes and flats fitted with underfloor heating, what can a smart underfloor heating controller do for you? 


Here’s everything you need to know about our new Underfloor Heating Controllers!


What does an Underfloor Heating Controller do?

A UFH controller is a device that allows you to adjust the room temperatures emitted from wet or electrical underfloor heating and radiators. This gives you full control over your home’s mixed heating system, covering all rooms in your house to provide comfortable, precise temperature levels.


What does Wiser’s Smart Heating System add?

Our controller integrates this functionality with all of the Features and Benefits of the Wiser Smart Heating System and the Wiser Home app. With our wet or dry UFH controls you’ll also be able to access the following smart features:

  • Program and adjust tailor-made heat schedules and temperature levels with heating and cooling functionality

  • Create individual Room-to-Room Heating settings, so different parts of your house can have different temperatures (with up to 6 zones for UFH)

  • Control your heating anytime, anywhere, via the Wiser Home App

  • Access Smart Modes and Insights to make your heating system more efficient over time and monitor energy usage

  • Boost your heating or make other changes to schedules with voice commands using Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant

  • Integrate with IFTTT for even more automation


Wiser ensures that even if your Wi-Fi goes down, your underfloor heating controller will remain functional on the schedules you’ve set and your home will still be heated. Plus with a Wiser system that can reduce your bills by up to £200 per year, our new controller should prove a great investment for Energy Savings.


Is it easy to upgrade?

If your home is fitted with underfloor heating, then installing our UFH controller is an incredibly straightforward process. A trade professional will just need to swap out the existing controller for the new one. Find A Wiser Approved Installer Here to get started!


For more information, check out Wiser’s Underfloor Heating Controller Here.


In addition, if you have electrical heating devices like electric radiators and towel rails, plinth heaters or infrared heaters, smart control of these devices is also available using the  Wiser Electrical Heat Switch. Soon, you will also be able to control electric underfloor heating using the electric Heat Switch, so watch this space.