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Wiser nominated for Best Heating System in the BuildIt Awards 2020!

We’re delighted to announce that Wiser, our smart thermostat system has been nominated for Best Heating System or Product in this year’s BuildIt awards. This follows Wiser being named by T3 as one of the best smart thermostats of 2020 in September.

We hope to add this award to Our Accolades. This is the second year running we have been shortlisted for this award, with Wiser being recognised for its affordability, flexibility and – very importantly for the home renovator – expandability.


The smart thermostat system for home renovators

Smart thermostat controls by Wiser provide complete control through wireless devices in each room, linking back to our Heating Control App. With this interface in the palm of your hand you can set personalised schedules for each thermostat and smart plug device to suit your lifestyle, meaning you’ll never need to use more energy than you need to.

A key part of any home renovation is readying your home for the future. Being a connected thermostat system, Wiser receives regular updates to maintain your digital security, deliver new features and improve system performance. With a dedicated engineering team, we’re always listening to your feedback to improve your user experience, helping you to future-proof your home renovation with a smart thermostat system from Wiser.


A more efficient home with a Wiser smart thermostat

An upgraded home should be a more efficient home. All home renovations require a good deal of financial investment, and aside from being the home of your dreams, you’ll want to see some return by means of Energy Savings.

With the superior control of Wiser’s Multizone thermostat system, you can finetune your heating schedules and activate energy-saving features like Away Mode and Eco Mode. Track your energy savings and heating profiles using Insights and the Heat Report, giving you the feedback you need to make your home as efficient as it can be.


An expandable heating system for every home

Whether it’s a quick refurb project or a series of extensions, you need a heating system that can simply grow with you. With Wiser, once you have the HubR and at least one wireless thermostat device, you can get up and running and simply add more Smart Room Thermostats and Radiator Thermostats at any point you wish, with a capacity of up to 16 zones per system. You can purchase additional Wiser devices from a variety of Local Merchants as as Amazon.

In larger buildings or those with thick stone walls, you can boost the signal to devices furthest from the hub by adding a Wiser Plug, our connected electrical plug which both acts as a signal booster and allows you to control and schedule any electrical device connected to them.


Take control of your renovation with Wiser

You’ve put in months, maybe even years of work, now sit back and enjoy the convenience, the comfort and the efficiency of a smart thermostat system by Wiser, named one of the best smart thermostats of 2020 by T3. To upgrade a heating system to our smart thermostat controls, Find Out More Here or visit Our FAQs.