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YouTube DIY Guru Charlie DIYte Installs Wiser Multi-room Smart Heating

DIY Youtube sensation Charlie DIYte has become a major influencer in the realm of home DIY since starting his channel 5 years ago, offering his 212,000 subscribers a wide variety of informative tutorials and handy hints, guiding his viewers through everything from how to plaster walls and ceilings to removing wasp nests.

Charlie uses his wealth of first-hand experience to provide unbiased reviews and advice on home improvement products, including smart home technology.



DIY-er. Home Improver. Wiser.

We’re delighted that Charlie DIYte has recently given an in-depth account of his DIY Wiser installation in his own home, and how he’s getting on with his system: Watch the video here.

Having already had Drayton controllers in his home, Charlie had been planning a smart heating upgrade for some time, and we were more than happy to provide him with a multi-zone smart thermostat kit as well as some Wiser Plugs.

Watch Charlie DIYte's video for a wealth of information for anyone considering upgrading to smart heating, including:

  • Why upgrade to smart heating?
  • What is Wiser multi-room heating control and how does it work?
  • How robust is Wiser’s Zigbee device network?
  • What are smart plugs and how do they work?
  • How to choose a Wiser smart thermostat kit
  • Preparing your system for upgrading to Wiser smart heating
  • How to safely remove or disable your old thermostat
  • How to install the Wiser HubR, smart room thermostat and smart radiator thermostats
  • How to register your Wiser account, add devices and set up the Wiser Heat app
  • How do Wiser radiator thermostats compare to the competition?
  • How to convert a conventional radiator valve to a TRV valve
  • How to tailor your multi-room heating schedules with Wiser
  • 4 ways to boost your heating
  • Wiser’s energy-saving modes and features explained
  • Wiser setup cost vs. the competition
  • Troubleshooting tips

Living Greener. Savvy Saver. Wiser.

The great news from CharlieDIYte is that he’s already seen energy savings less than a month after installation, via the Wiser Insights data. As his system continues to learn and as Charlie fine-tunes his system and schedules, we expect he’ll benefit from great energy savings with Wiser in the long run, and Charlie’s hinted that he’ll record an update on his energy consumption closer to spring.

Find out more about How Wiser Works, or visit our Amazon store now. To read our FAQs and other useful information, visit our Support section.

Whether you’re a DIY master or a keen learner while you’re spending more time at home, head over to CharlieDIYte’s Youtube channel for useful guides covering practically every possible DIY task.