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Our Smart Thermostat on This Morning with Holly & Phil

Autumn’s here, the temperature’s dropping and time to think about getting maximum comfort and performance from our central heating - Alice Beer covers the benefits of smart thermostats on This Morning and tips to get your boiler ready for winter and how to save money on your heating bill.


Are Smart Thermostats Worth It This Winter?

The benefits of better heating controls are two-fold; heating your home is easier, so you’ll enjoy total comfort and save energy and money, by only heating your home and each room when you need to.

Smart heating by Wiser from Drayton has clever features to maximise comfort and efficiency:

Other Useful Tips To Get Your Boiler Ready For Winter

As well as great upgrades like smart thermostats, This Morning’s Alice Beer also explains other small boiler tips and tweaks you can do at home to save energy, improve comfort and reduce your carbon footprint this winter:

  • Time for a new boiler? It’s costly but certainly an investment. Replacing an older grade G-rated boiler for an efficient grade A-rated boiler, for example, could save up to £600 a year in energy costs!
  • Wrap up your water cylinder - Save up to £60 a year by insulating your water cylinder.
  • Heat less, wear more - Save up to £70 a year by turning your heating down by just one degree - wear your favourite jumper at home instead!
  • Bleed your radiators – Nearly every home has a radiator bleeding key lying around (check your ‘messy drawer’). Use it to remove the trapped air from radiators that stops them heating up fully. A quick and easy job to improve efficiency.
  • Balance your system – If radiators furthest from the boiler don’t get as hot as others, you may need the flow rate across your system re-balancing. This is a quick job for your local professional heating engineer that’ll improve comfort.

We’re glad to see smart heating controls saving energy and improving comfort for millions of UK households. If you’ve spotted the Wiser thermostat system on This Morning and would like more information on How Wiser Works, visit our website and read our FAQs section and find out Where You Can Buy Wiser Online Today.

To find a local heating engineer who can carry out these pre-winter checks for you and specialises in installing Wiser thermostat systems, search for your local Wiser Approved engineer now.