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4 Top Tips To Get a Better Night's Sleep

Do you get a proper night’s sleep every night? If not, counting sheep isn’t necessarily the way to go. There are various factors that will influence your sleep – darkness, use of screens, noise, your bed, diet and exercise. But there is one common factor for ensuring everyone gets the perfect night’s sleep – room temperature. Young children and elderly people may require a slightly warmer environment, so it’s useful to invest in a product that allows you to control the temperature in each room according to the needs of the person sleeping there. Rooms that are too hot, too cold, or draughty can all affect your sleep. 

Flexible heating: Multi-zone home

Having a smart heating system with flexible heating zones, like Wiser means you can have a multi-zonal home. With this, you can set every room temperature independently to meet specific sleeping needs, particularly for young children and elderly people.

Wireless Radiator thermostats & installation

Wiser radiator thermostats are simple to install and enable you to have complete room control via the Wiser Heat app. A cool bedroom of 16-18°C is thought to be the ideal temperature to get the perfect night’s sleep, anything above or below this temperature can affect your sleep and will make it difficult for you to drop off.

The Wiser room thermostat is wireless, so even if you don’t have Wiser radiator thermostats installed, placing the room thermostat in the bedroom of a more vulnerable member of the family will ensure they are safe and comfortable.

Wiser heating system benefits

A main benefit of Wiser is being able to control your heating through the Wiser Heat app. If you wake up early or are up in the night with your children you can reach for your phone and boost the heating to get the desired temperature for the room.

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