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Spring Clean Your Smart Home Devices

As we prepare for warmer weather and longer days, spring is seen as the time of year that we should prioritise tidying our homes. But the spring cleaning process should also extend to your electronic devices, including your Smart Home Thermostats. So, for maintaining and improving your devices’ performance, as well as your privacy and security, here's how to look after your tech.


Clean up your router

The internet router is what enables your smart devices to communicate with one another, as well as perform numerous IoT features. It is therefore essential that you keep your Wi-Fi connection as secure as possible, and some easy steps that you should take include:

  • Renaming your connection (default names often can often reveal a router’s make and model number and are subsequently easier to hack)

  • Creating a strong, unique password 

  • Seeing if your router supports high-level encryption (such as WPA2, the safest form of Wi-Fi password) - by checking the wireless settings via your mobile device.


Check privacy settings and access

You should be aware of the privacy settings and accessible features that are enabled on devices across your smart home network. This allows you to limit the risks associated with products fitted with cameras, for instance. 

You can disable some of the features that you don’t use for additional security. Smart speakers such as Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant should have options for this, so you can be comfortable with the way you use them. This should give you additional peace of mind, especially if you’re Connecting these Devices to your Smart Heating System.


Perform device updates

Try to check that your smart home products have the latest software installed on them and download these updates when you get notifications. As well as improving the performance of your smart devices, this should guarantee that your network has the latest security protocols.


Smart home devices by Wiser update automatically and wirelessly when new updates are available, helping you stay in full control and ready to take advantage of the latest features.


Adjusting smart plugs and smart home thermostats

One of the many uses that people have found for Smart Plugs is as a security device. Scheduling a lamp to be left on at night or utilising smart lights for the same thing is a popular tactic for deterring would-be intruders. But with spring around the corner, it’s worth adjusting the ON/OFF schedules so that they come on later to reflect the shorter nights.

Wiser Home App

Meanwhile, away from security, reviewing heating schedules on your smart home thermostats is also recommended. The warmer weather and longer days mean making slight adjustments can improve comfort and Increase your Energy Savings. And with Wiser, all of this can be done quickly and easily via the Wiser Home App.

Smart Home Security

Wiser understands how important smart home security is to your household. That’s why we prioritise Protecting your Personal Data, with our smart heating products encrypting all information that is used to operate them. Discover How Wiser Works Here for more information.