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Smart Heating Systems: Popular Questions

Whether you’re considering upgrading your current heating controls, just setting up your smart devices, or you’ve had a Wiser System for a while, there are some similar queries that can crop up. Today, we’ll answer some of the most popular questions surrounding our smart heating systems and products. And, of course, feel free to check our Support Page Here for further details!


1. What are Wiser’s smart heating systems and products?

Whilst our products can be browsed in the menus above, here’s an outline of the smart heating systems that we provide:

  • Smart Room Thermostats – For Wireless Smart Heating of the rooms in your home

  • Smart Radiator Thermostats – Similar to traditional TRVs, but able to be controlled remotely 

  • Underfloor Heating Controller – Allows you to control underfloor heating within your Wiser system

  • Electrical Heat Switch – Control electrical heating devices such as bathroom radiators


In addition, our range includes Smart Plugs for increased comfort and convenience in your smart home. You can find the ideal system for you using our Product Selector.


2. How easy is the setup process?

Wiser makes the setup as straightforward as possible although we’d recommend the support of a professional installer for some of our device installations. For instance, whilst some of our smaller products can be activated right out of the box with just 2 AA batteries, for our integrated systems you’ll need to find one of our Wiser-Approved Installers Here. We also have a Jargon Buster for any confusing terminology.


3. What are heating zones?

Zonal Heating is a feature of our smart heating systems that allows you to create personalised heating schedules for individual rooms. This can improve energy efficiency and maximise comfort in your home, as every room is exactly how you want it. For Wiser, this is an integral part of smart heating and can be achieved with smart TRVs as well as our integrated control systems.


4. Does Wiser have smart home integration?

Yes! Not only can Wiser systems be controlled by smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, but we also have other integration options in the form of IFTTT. In addition, our smart heating systems and products can be controlled anywhere and anytime thanks to the Wiser Home App. With Wiser, you can build a truly smart home.


Find more on all our Smart Home Features Here


5. How safe are Wiser products?

Wiser strives for the highest in modern safety standards and not just safeguarding against physical harm. We take protecting your data that our smart devices require to communicate with one another incredibly seriously. We encrypt this information and offer options like a factory reset to provide peace of mind and minimise the risk of breaches. For more information, see How Safe are our Smart Plugs are Here.


6. Is it expensive to upgrade?

Given people’s worries about the Current Cost of Heating, this is a concern we take extremely seriously. The price of Wiser smart heating products varies depending on the kit or device type you go for. This means that you can start small with a couple of smart TRVs, then expand your Wiser network later. If you do go for a full upgrade, Wiser products are generally more cost-effective than our rivals, and Wiser customers typically recoup the cost of their Wiser system in the form of Saved Energy within 3 years or less


We also offer 3-year warranties, a 30-day returns policy, and free delivery on our products when you buy direct, for extra peace of mind

For more information, you can head to our article on Common Smart Thermostat Concerns Here.