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Why Are Smart Thermostats the Most Popular Smart Home Device?

In modern households where time is invaluable, it's crucial that smart home devices help homeowners to save time and money by being powerful yet simple to use.

This likely explains the meteoric rise in the popularity of smart thermostats, which promise not only significant savings on energy bills but also effortless operation. Among these, the Wiser smart thermostat stands out. But what sets Wiser apart from its peers as one of the best smart thermostats in the UK?

Firstly, What is a Smart Thermostat?

If you’re looking for a convenient, energy-efficient way to control your home’s heating, a smart thermostat could be the answer. Smart thermostats can intelligently control the temperature of your home, allowing you to set personalised schedules, remotely adjust heating, and access informative insights into your home’s energy usage.

Want to know more about how smart thermostats work? Take a look at our handy explainer post here.

Features of the Best Smart Thermostats

For many people looking for their first smart home device, a smart thermostat by Wiser is an excellent place to start.

Home heating is key to our everyday comfort in our homes, and as one of the biggest financial outgoings each month, smart thermostats can transform our central heating.

When you’re deciding which smart home device to choose, here’s what to look for in the best smart thermostats:

App Control

With a smart thermostat, you’re no longer tied to clunky manual dials and timers. Your smart thermostat can connect to an app on your phone, allowing you to control your heating and smart home devices from wherever you are.

On holiday and want to keep your home at a consistent temperature to protect your plants and pets? Adjust it with a tap. Working late and want to delay your heating cycle? You can reschedule right from your office desk.

Multi-room Heating

Forget one single heating setting across your entire home — the best smart thermostats allow you to set wireless multi-zone heating to heat only the rooms you use the most.

With multi-zone heating, you can ensure grandma's guest bedroom stays cosy and warm while maintaining a cool, safe climate in the nursery.

Smart Modes

What makes smart thermometers one of the best smart home devices in the UK is their ability to save you money on your monthly energy bill automatically, using intuitive smart modes:

  • Eco Mode: Your smart thermostat can study your home’s thermal properties and turn your boiler off sooner to save even more energy and avoid overheating your home.
  • Comfort Mode: On the other hand, your smart thermostat can learn how quickly your home heats up to ensure your home reaches the right temperature right on schedule. By activating both Comfort and Eco Mode, Wiser turns your boiler on and off at the very best times to maximise both comfort and efficiency.
  • Away Mode: Instead of messing with your schedule setup when you go on holiday, simply switch on Away Mode to bring down all your heating setpoints at once to save money.

Wireless Thermostat

You can use our wireless smart room thermostat device to monitor temperatures and humidity, or if you’re feeling the chill, use it to override schedules and give your heating a quick temperature boost.

Useful Energy Usage Insights

Wiser offers one of the best smart thermostats on the market, and with features like Insights+, it’s not hard to see why.

Insights+ delivers high-level data in an easy-to-read format, so you can see exactly where you can save even more on your home’s heating by linking to your existing smart meter. You can even use Insights+ to plan your budget, giving you predictive data on how much you’re likely to spend on heating your house over the coming month, all for a one-off cost of £19.99. 

Customised Moments

Take your personalised heating schedules one step further with one of the best smart thermostats by creating Moments.

Using your Wiser smart thermostat, you can group smart devices together to activate at the same time. Whether it’s the kids’ bedtime routine with nightlights on and cosy bedrooms, or you’re rustling up dinner and need the slow cooker switched on while you’re at work, Moments can help make home life that little bit easier.

Smart Thermostat Interconnectivity

Another popular element that makes the Wiser smart thermostat one of the best smart devices in the UK is its ability to integrate into pre-existing smart home systems.

The Wiser Heat App is available for both Apple and Android devices, and it can even integrate with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant voice assistants. Alexa, turn the heating up two degrees!

For even more automation, Wiser also works with IFTTT, using geofencing to work out when you leave the house, and will automatically turn your heating down until you return.

Complete Heating Ecosystem

Some smart home upgrades require a costly starting device or complex changes to your heating system. With a choice of affordable smart thermostat kits and a quick installation process, Wiser is an increasingly popular choice.

As a fully expandable system, you can add additional smart home devices whenever you like to enhance your control, for example, installing smart TRVs in each room or even a smart underfloor heating controller.

A Comprehensive Smart Home

As well as controlling all of your home’s heating from one powerful yet simple-to-use app, you can effectively turn any plug-in appliance into a smart device using smart plugs by Wiser.

The best part? All of these smart plugs can then be controlled through the Wiser Home App, so there’s no need to flick between apps to turn devices off and the heating down.

As smart home technology becomes more and more popular, the smart thermostat system by Wiser stands out as one of the best smart home devices in the UK. By offering a comprehensive suite of features that put homeowners in complete control of their home’s heating and energy usage, smart thermostats are redefining modern living in the digital age.

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