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Wiser Customer Stories: How George Has Extended His Wiser System to Make the Most Of Smart Heating

George is a Wiser customer who has extended his smart heating system from a simple smart thermostat system (including one room thermostat, one smart radiator valve and electrical heat switch) to adding a Wiser radiator thermostat on every radiator in his home, giving him full control over his heating system.

Initially attracted by Wiser’s ease of use, ease of installation and personalisation options, George found expanding his system across his home just as simple, with additional devices available separately from our direct shop and fast, wireless pairing.

Wiser Homes How George Has Extended His Wiser System To Make The Most Of Smart Heating

How the Wiser System suits George’s lifestyle

By installing the Wiser system, it gave George the ability to have more functionality over the heating in his home, controlling every radiator to an advanced level and adding personalisation to suit his lifestyle. Regularly using the app, particularly Away Mode and Eco Mode, George can have the house at a comfortable level at all time. His favourite feature of the Wiser system is the ability to control each individual radiator in his home and being able to heat up his bedroom in the morning without heating up the whole house via the Wiser Home App.

George can reduce heating while at work or walking his dog and can always ensure a warm and welcoming return. By having full control over his heating, it reduces his heating and energy bills. George tends to use the Wiser Home App to control his heating but when his phone is out of reach, he simply uses the thermostat to control the heating in the individual room he’s in via the optional manual control.

How has George become more sustainable?

It’s important to be more energy efficient, so less gets wasted and helps towards reducing climate change. George has always tried to reduce his consumption in his home and loves that the Wiser system reduces consumption of electricity and gas, making his home more sustainable by having the ability to control his heating and using Away Mode via the app so no energy is wasted when he’s not home. The system also prevents the boiler being continuously on, making it more efficient. By using Eco Mode and Away Mode via the app, George is saving up to 16% more energy per year using just these features alone.

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