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Tips to improve Smart Home Wi-Fi

Smart Home devices can add convenience to daily life. Here's how to ensure that they don't affect your internet speed. 


1. Restart your modem or router 

Let’s start with the basics. Restarting your modem or your router to see if internet speeds improve is the first thing we’d recommend. Simply unplug your modem and wait 30 seconds, then repeat the process with your standalone router if you have one. This should clear the memory of any glitches and might improve your connection speeds. 


2. Move your router 

The location of your router is the next thing you should consider. Your Wi-Fi has a limited reach, and this is also reduced if there are multiple walls or floors that it needs to travel through. So, moving it out of one corner of your flat, or from underneath the stairs, and into a central, elevated location might be of help.  

3. Test your current internet speed 

This can be of use to determine whether or not an issue lies with your internet provider and equipment, or with the number of Smart Devices that you have connected. Tests can be performed easily with a free online service such as allconnect


4. Choose the right smart home thermostat 

If it turns out that the issue lies with your devices, then choosing a Smart Home Thermostat that requires minimal data is recommended. It’s why our smart heating systems and the Wiser Home App use your existing Wi-Fi to enhance comfort and convenience, without impacting other devices. Discover How Wiser Works Here for more information. 

5. Optimise with other smart home devices 

The above also applies to the rest of your Wi-Fi connected devices. When looking for Smart Home Upgrades, you should consider how much you’ll be using them and whether they can be switched off or disconnected when not in use. You should also search for products that don’t require much data, like our Smart Plugs

6. Extend your Wi-Fi network 

If you have poor connection speeds in parts of your smart home, then it might be worth looking at extending your Wi-Fi network with an extra device. Internet boosters, powerline extenders, and wired access points are all readily available for this. These can be especially useful if you have Room-to-Room Wi-Fi Thermostats, as it ensures an even connection to your whole heating system is achieved. 


7. Upgrade your Internet 

Sometimes tips and tricks can only go so far, and an upgrade might be needed to improve your internet. If this is the case, you can either replace an ageing router or look for a faster internet plan. This will likely be necessary depending on the scale of your smart home network. 


8. Set-up a dedicated smart home Wi-Fi network 

One way to upgrade your internet is to set-up a secondary network that’s dedicated to your smart home system. Whilst only recommended if you have several devices, perhaps integrated with a service such as IFTTT, this can open up bandwidth for your home and Improve Security


Wiser’s smart home thermostats and secure heating control systems aim to utilise as little data as possible, yet they still providing numerous Energy Saving Benefits. You can find another Wi-Fi Thermostat Article Here to discover more about our smart devices.