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What Are Common Smart Thermostat Concerns?

There are Several Benefits to Buying a Smart Thermostat, including easier control of your heating and Multi-Zone Comfort. However, some households remain apprehensive about upgrading from their current devices. So today, we’re identifying some common smart thermostat concerns, as well as how Wiser Heating Systems address these worries.


1. Cost

Many people see their heating as a necessity. As long as it works, why change it?. Therefore one issue with smart heating is that the cost of upgrading from Traditional Thermostats doesn’t feel justified. After all, why spend money on a heating system that’s already fine?


The Wiser Solution

Thankfully, it’s estimated that smart thermostats usually pay for themselves within two years, because the Energy You Save can reduce the cost of heating bills by up to 24%. Also, given that Wiser smart thermostats can save you up to £200 a year and are often better priced than rival products, concerns about cost can be eased even further. But for those still worried about initial set up cost, we also provide the following:

  • An extended 3-year warranty

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Free delivery and returns

  • Smart TRVs, which can be bought individually to suit your needs


2. Smart Thermostat Installation

Upgrading a home’s central heating sounds like a daunting task. Installation concerns often prevent some people from upgrading to smart thermostats, believing that it’s just more trouble than it’s worth.


The Wiser Solution

We recommend that you go through a professional when buying smart heating products. That’s why Wiser has created  a network of independent installers fully trained in the installation of Wiser, with professionals across the UK. Enjoy peace of mind and hassle-free installation of all of our products by contacting a Wiser Approved installer. Find an Installer Here to get started right away!


3. Set-Up

Similar to installation, the idea of creating personalised heating schedules and linking your thermostats to other Smart Home Devices can be off-putting. Homeowners don’t want to feel overwhelmed by their heating system.


The Wiser Solution

Wiser provides a comprehensive Support Guide for FAQs, as well as a Jargon Buster for common smart heating terms. This, alongside our Intuitive App Controls for schedule creation and adjustments, means that setting up an ideal heating system remains incredibly straightforward.


4. Security

Lastly, a broader concern that many have with smart products is their data security. People understandably want to know what data their smart home is using as well as how their devices are kept safe from any threats.


The Wiser Solution 

We take data security extremely seriously at Wiser. The vast majority of what our smart heating systems collect is required to perform necessary functions. In addition, everything we gather is encrypted and can be removed when this is needed, such as when you move home. Find more on our Smart Thermostat Security Policies Here.

Discover the Wiser Smart Room Thermostat for additional information, or Contact Us Here for any queries.