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Which Rooms Benefit From a Multi-zone Heating System?

There are many advantages to a Multi-Zone Heating System. From Reducing Your Bills to having all of the Features of Smart Heating in every room, it’s perhaps the best way to optimise your energy usage. Here are the rooms that benefit the most from smart heating controls: 

Living Room 

As the focal point of most households, the living room needs to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature. Smart Room Thermostats enable you to do this, and you can schedule the heating to be on for when your living room is occupied. So, you can save energy during the day when people are out, before scheduling the heat for the evenings. 


Most people prefer a slightly cooler room for getting that Perfect Night’s Sleep. Thus, room-to-room heating can be set up so that, whilst heating the living room, your bedroom is made cooler simultaneously. You can even set your thermostats to warm the bedroom for an hour or so as you wake up. 

Guest Room 

Multi-zone heating is perfect for those with spare rooms. As a Way to Lower Your Energy Bills, you can create a daily schedule in which these rooms aren’t heated at all. When you have guests staying over, it’s simple to overrule this with just a few taps of the Wiser Home App


In the age of Working from Home, having zonal heating in your personal workspace can be crucial for productivity. Not only can smart heating controls ensure that your study is a comfortable place to work, but they also limit your energy use as much as possible. This helps reduce the cost of leaving your heating on during the day, by only heating rooms as and when they’re in use. 

Solutions for the rest of the home 

Multi-zone heating will improve temperature control and optimise your energy use in every room that it’s installed in. But there are additional solutions for other spaces in your home.  

Bathrooms often have separate heating devices, which is why the Wiser system includes the Electrical Heat Switch. This allows you to control the temperature and schedules of larger electrical heating devices from the Wiser app. Meanwhile, the kitchen can benefit from our Smart Plugs, which can be used on numerous appliances. And, for any space with underfloor heating, our UFH Controller ensures nowhere is left without multi-zone capabilities. 

The benefits of a Multi-Zone Heating System 

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