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Wiser’s Thermostat App Updates: Explained

The Wiser Home App is the most convenient way to control Your Wiser System. It offers easy access to heating schedules and room temperatures, as well as Smart Plug functionality, from anywhere with an internet connection. But we’re constantly trying to improve the convenience of our smart heating systems. We listen to feedback and update our thermostat app regularly as a result of this. Here’s a rundown of this year’s adjustments.


Thermostat App updates in 2021

A name change

Whilst this didn’t change functionality, our app changed its name from the Wiser Heat App to the Wiser Home App back in September. This is because, despite Smart Thermostat Control remaining the primary purpose of the system, our app is evolving to integrate more than just heating, and you’ll see further developments in future that will make Wiser Home truly a Smart Home App, that helps you to Make Energy-Efficient Changes throughout your property.



You can now create Moments to select exactly what you want your Wiser devices to do at certain times or during events. This covers smart room thermostats, Wiser Plugs and Our smart TRVs. Examples of these Moments in action include:

  • Turning the lights down and TV off automatically at dinner

  • Cooling your workout room and turning the sound system on before you exercise

  • Switch on the TV and mood lighting for a movie night


Voice service upgrades

Earlier this year we made it easier to link your voice assistant smart device to your thermostat app. Within the app’s settings menu, you can now connect your smart heating system to either Amazon’s Alexa or the Google Assistant even faster.


Battery notifications

In response to popular feedback, we’ve added low battery notifications as a feature that you can enable from the Wiser Home app’s settings. This will inform you when to replace the batteries in your smart radiator thermostats before they run out completely, for added peace of mind.  


In-app support

Our Support Page is now fully accessible straight from the Wiser Home app, using the settings menu and selecting Support followed by Help.

We’re always working on innovative solutions to improve the Wiser Home app, to meet and exceed your expectations and to make smart home comfort and control even better. For more information, read more about the Wiser Home App Here, or check out Our Updates Centre.