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Building Your Smart Home With Wiser

Creating a smart home doesn't have to be complicated or expensive; with a few practical and affordable smart devices that form the foundation of your smart home system, you can build a smart home that saves you energy and improves your lifestyle.

If you're unsure where to begin, our guide to building a network of smart home devices can help you get started.

Wiser's Smart Products

At Wiser, our range of smart home devices can transform how you interact with your home, delivering a new level of enhanced comfort and convenience for your whole household. Take a look at the range of technology we provide and how they make your home ‘smart’:

Smart Room Thermostats

Our smart room thermostats allow you to schedule your home's heating system to warm up at specific times. They can be controlled remotely through your smartphone, allowing you to change your central heating settings from anywhere, anytime.

These smart room thermostats save you money and are also considered an essential feature of any smart home device system, often serving as the core to what makes a home ‘smart’.

Smart Radiator Thermostats

To further enhance your smart home device heating system, upgrading your radiators with smart radiator valves provides even greater control. By replacing your current thermostatic radiator valves with smart TRVs, you can individually heat each room in your home.

Smart Plugs

In addition to scheduling your heating remotely, smart plugs can control any plug-in electrical device in your smart home device system. Whether turning on lights for security while you're away or even automatically boiling the kettle in the morning, smart plugs are a great addition to any smart home device system.

Smart Home Integration

A crucial aspect of a truly ‘smart’ home is the ability for devices to integrate seamlessly under one program. Wiser devices are controlled through our heating control app and intuitive smart modes, allowing you to maximise efficiency.

Voice Command Controls

To make life that little bit easier, our smart products are compatible with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant, enabling voice command control for our devices. This integration allows your smart heating system to work alongside non-Wiser devices, creating an all-encompassing smart home experience. Alexa, turn the kids’ computer off at 8pm!

IFTTT Systems

Setting up commands for your Wiser smart home devices becomes effortless with IFTTT, and creating a free account with them to integrate with your devices helps build your smart home at an affordable price.

With Wiser's smart products and intuitive integration, creating a smart home has never been easier. Upgrade your home with smart home devices and experience unrivalled comfort, convenience, and energy savings.

To start building your network of smart home devices, including heating controls like smart radiator valves, use our product selector tool here.